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Janet loves talking to students about her favorite subject: writing!
Each of Janet's engaging and interactive presentations shows students how to grow a book, have fun with non-fiction, and pack their writer's toolboxes. Presentations are forty-five minutes in length and can be adapted for grades K-8.
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All of Janet's events are handled by
How Now Booking. For questions or to book an in-person or online event, click HERE.

Growing a Book
The development of a book from original idea to finished product
From the first spark of an idea to a published book, Janet takes students on a journey through the writing, revising, and publication process.
Packing a Writer’s Toolbox
Nouns. Verbs. Adjectives.
Don’t Forget Your Imagination!
Janet discusses how an author’s words and an illustrator’s images come together to create something magical. A picture book! 
Non-Fiction Fun
Learn how to research historical events and write about
them in a personal and meaningful way.
Janet discusses the importance of research: gathering information, contacting sources, and verifying facts. Janet explains to students how facts can be used to guide their writing, but it is the heart of the story that inspires their words. 
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